Phrases part 4.

Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
Meaning: When You Receive A Gift Accept It With Good Grace And Don't Find Fault With It
Use in #sentence: I gave her a $700 phone and she said, it wasn't the right colour. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
Meaning: DonT Risk All Your Property On A Single Venture
Use in #sentence: Well That Horse Is A Good Runner But I Wouldn't Bet All Your Money On It To Win That Would Be Putting All Your Eggs Into One Basket

Double Denim
Meaning: Denim Jeans Worn With A Denim Shirt Or Jacket
Use in #sentence: He Only Ever Wears Blue And Usually ItS Jeans And A Shirt - The Full Double Denim

Double Header
Meaning: A Sports Expression Denoting Two Events Held At The Same Time
Use in #sentence: The Semi-Finals Are Always Played Together As A Double-Header To Give No Team An Advantage

Down To The Wire
Meaning: Not Decided Until The Very Last Minute
Use in #sentence: Jonny WilkinsonS Last Minute Score In The World Cup Gave England The Win It Went Right Down To The Wire

Dressed To The Nines
Meaning: Very Smartly Dressed In OneS Best Clothes
Use in #sentence: ItS My DaughterS Wedding Today All The Family Will Be Dressed To The Nines

Drink Like A Fish
Meaning: Drink Very Heavily
Use in #sentence: Dean Martin Drank Like A Fish

Drive Someone Up The Wall
Meaning: Irritate Or Annoy Very Much
Use in #sentence: He WouldnT Stop Going On About It He Was Driving Me Up The Wall

Dropping Like Flies
Meaning: Many People Either Falling Ill Or Dying
Use in #sentence: In The Black Death In 1348 Londoners Were Dropping Like Flies

Dry Run
Meaning: A Rehearsal
Use in #sentence: We Need More Practice LetS Have Another Dry Run

Duvet Day
Meaning: A Work Day Which An Employee Is Allowed To Spend At Home Relaxing
Use in #sentence: WeD All Worked So Hard Getting The Latest Design Out On Time The Boss Rewarded Us With A Duvet Day To Do Whatever We Wanted

Ear Popping
Meaning: Sound That Is Loud Or That Catches The Attention
Use in #sentence: Led Zeppelin Were Good On Stage And Ear-Poppingly Loud

Meaning: Something That Is Extremely Easy. Often Used By Children, Sometimes Used By Adults To Demote An Achievement That Was Accomplished With Little Apparent Effort
Use in #sentence: Jenny Must Have Loosened The Jar Lid She CouldnT Get It Off But, When She Gave It To Me It Just Screwed Right Off Easy-Peasy

Eighty Six
Meaning: Referring To An Item On A Menu That Is No Longer Available
Use in #sentence: I Would Have Had The Mushroom Risotto But TheyRe Eighty-Sixed It

Elbow Grease
Meaning: Energetic Labour Especially In The Polishing Of Household Items
Use in #sentence: That Silver Will Never Get A Shine Like That Put Some Elbow Grease Into It

Elvis Has Left The Building
Meaning: The Primary Performer Has Left ThereS No Point Waiting Around
Use in #sentence: Go Away WeRe Closed ItS All Over Nothing To See Here Elvis Has Left The Building Do I Need To Go On?

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Meaning: Euphemism For Torture
Use in #sentence: The Cia Might Call Water-Boarding An Enhanced Interrogation Technique Most People Call It Torture

Ethnic Cleansing
Meaning: The Singling Out And Killing Of A Specific Ethnic Group
Use in #sentence: The Ethnic Cleansing Of The Croats In The Bosnian War Left The Country Open Wide To The Serbs

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Meaning: An Encouragement To Be Optimistic Even Bad Events Have A Good Side To Them
Use in #sentence: Okay He WasnT Faithful But At Least You Found Out Now Rather Than After The Wedding - Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Meaning: Everything Imaginable
Use in #sentence: I Said She Could Stay For A Few Days But ThereS Hardly Room She Brought Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Excuse My French
Meaning: Please Forgive Me For Swearing
Use in #sentence: Bugger - Excuse My French

Eyebrow Raising
Meaning: Something That Creates Shock Or Surprise
Use in #sentence: Everyone Expected Brokeback Mountain To Get The Oscar, When The Announcement Said Crash Had Won. It Was Truly Eyebrow Raising

Face Card
Meaning: The Jack Queen Or King In A Set Of Playing Cards
Use in #sentence: Cutting The Pack And Getting A Face Card IsnT As Unlikely As Some Might Think - ThereS A 3% Chance Of That

Face The Music
Meaning: Accept He Unwelcome Consequences Of OneS Own Actions
Use in #sentence: Jack Pretended He Had A Phd. To Get The Job Now Its Come Out That He Hasn't HeLl Have To Face The Music And Resign

Factory Farming
Meaning: Rearing Livestock Under Industrial Conditions
Use in #sentence: IM Dead Against Factory Farming Of Pigs I Prefer To See Them Out In The Open Air Rooting About For Their Food

Fairytale Ending
Meaning: A Happy Simplistic Ending To A Story Similar To Those Found In Fairy Tales
Use in #sentence: Disney Stories Are Great For Kids But Their Fairytale Endings DonT Match Real Life For Adults

Far Cry From
Meaning: Very Different From
Use in #sentence: Cliff Richard Was EnglandS Answer To Elvis But In Reality He Was A Far Cry From That

Feeding Frenzy
Meaning: A Frantic Competition Or Exploitation - Like A Group Shark Attack
Use in #sentence: When Princess Diana Was Killed There Was A Feeding Frenzy Of Journalists Trying To Get The Story

Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry
Meaning: A Coy Reference To An Item That Has Been Stolen
Use in #sentence: That Ipad I Just Bought In The Pub Was Really Cheap Best Not To Ask Me Where It Came From LetS Just Say It Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry

Field Day
Meaning: A Day Noted For Remarkable Or Exciting Events
Use in #sentence: When My Daughter Was Married Everyone Had A Real Field Day

Meaning: An Exclamation Meaning Nonsense; Rubbish An Indication Of Mild Annoyance
Use in #sentence: You Say You Can Run 100 Yards In 10 Seconds I Say Fiddlesticks Oh Fiddlesticks! ThatS The Third Time IVe Been Caught By That Speed Trap Going Just Over 30 Mph

Find Your Feet
Meaning: To Become Conscious Of And Develop One's Expertise
Use in #sentence: I Didn't Cope Well When I Started My New Job. But, After A Few Weeks I Began To Find My Feet

Fire The Imagination
Meaning: Inspire With Enthusiasm
Use in #sentence: I Didn't Agree With Billy Graham's View's. But His, Fervent Delivery Really Fired The Imagination Of Those Who Did

First Among Equals
Meaning: The Most Senior Person In A Group Of Equal Rank
Use in #sentence: The British Prime Ministership Is A Cabinet Post No Different From His Colleagues But The Position Is Always Considered To Be The First Among Equals

First Footing
Meaning: Making A Round Of Visits At New Year
Use in #sentence: As Soon As The Clock Strikes Midnight On 31St December WeLl Be Off Around Town First Footing All Our Neighbours

First World Problem
Meaning: A Relatively Trivial Problem Only Affecting The Affluent
Use in #sentence: JackS Complaining Again That His 48 Inch Screen Is Giving Him Eyestrain ThatS A First World Problem If There Ever Was

First World
Meaning: The Industrialised Affluent And Wealthy Nations
Use in #sentence: The Rise Of China And India Means We May Have To Redefine The First World Before Long

Fixed In Your Ways
Meaning: Unwilling To Change From Your Habitual Way Of Doing Things
Use in #sentence: A Glass Of Sherry At Six Every Evening For The Past Thirty Years Grandma Is Really Fixed In Her Ways

Flea Market
Meaning: A Market Used To Buy And Sell Inexpensive Goods The Kind Of Place That Might Sell Carpets Infested With Fleas
Use in #sentence: I Need Some Cheap Costume Jewelry For The School Play Maybe The Flea Market Would Be The Place

Flea Pit
Meaning: A Downmarket Cinema - Allegedly Verminous
Use in #sentence: When We Were Kids We Used To Go To The Local Flea Pit Every Saturday To Watch B-Movies

Flesh And Blood
Meaning: 1 - OneS Family - The Bodily Stuff We Are Made Of
Use in #sentence: 1 - We ArenT Putting Dad Into A Home He Is Our Flesh And Blood After All - ItS So Hot In Here - Almost More Than Flesh And Blood Can Stand

Flog A Dead Horse
Meaning: To Attempt To Make Progress With Something That Has No Future
Use in #sentence: Reissuing Betamax Tapes? YouRe Flogging A Dead Horse There Mate

Flotsam And Jetsam
Meaning: Assorted Bits And Pieces Of Rubbish; Especially Items That Are Found In The Sea
Use in #sentence: You Could Say That The Cardboard Boxes That IVe Moved From House To House Without Unpacking Are The Flotsam And Jetsam Of My Life

Foam At The Mouth
Meaning: To Show Vehement Rage
Use in #sentence: He Was Mad As Hell - Really Foaming At The Mouth

Food Fight
Meaning: Chaotic Collective Behaviour Where Items Of Food Are Thrown About Wildly
Use in #sentence: It Was Supposed To Be A Quiet Wedding Reception But Some Of The Girls Got Drunk And Started A Food Fight There Were Canapes And Buns Flying Everywhere

Fools Gold
Meaning: Something That Appears Valuable But Really IsnT Like Iron Pyrites - A Worthless Mineral That Resembles Gold
Use in #sentence: The Investment Promised 80% Returns But Turned Out To Make A Loss - Just Fools Gold I Guess

Frock Up
Meaning: Wear A Smart Or Formal Dress For A Special Occasion
Use in #sentence: The Boys All Wore New Suits For The Formal And The Girls Frocked Up

Frog And Toad
Meaning: Cockney Rhyming Slang For Road
Use in #sentence: Hurry Up And Move The Car - I Can See A Traffic Warden Coming Just Down The Frog And Toad

Meaning: An old-fashioned and foolish type of person.
Use in #sentence: He irons his socks. He's a real fuddy-duddy.

Full Monty
Meaning: Everything possible. The whole thing.
Use in #sentence: Six sixes in one over. He really gave it the full monty.

Full Of Bull
Meaning: Talking hot air.
Use in #sentence: He claims that he was taught to to wire walk by his parents in the circus, but he's full of bull - I know his father was a greengrocer.

Funny Farm
Meaning: A mental hospital.
Use in #sentence: Sadly, Jack was so psychotic they had to take him to the funny farm.

Gee Gee
Meaning: Childish term for a horse.
Use in #sentence: Now Jimmy, whats that picture? Is it a bar lamb or is it a gee-gee?

Gender Bender
Meaning: Cockney rhyming slang for daft.
Use in #sentence: That handstand on the window ledge. You could say he was brave, or you could say he was George Raft.

George Raft
Meaning: Earn a merit point for doing well.
Use in #sentence: Well done Juliet. 100% in your maths test = you are due a gold star.

Get Down To Brass Tacks
Meaning: Concern yourself with the basic and important realities.
Use in #sentence: Were broke. This is no time for fanciful ideas we need to get down to brass tacks and raise some money.

Get Off On The Wrong Foot
Meaning: Make a bad start in a relationship or task.
Use in #sentence: My new boss overheard me calling her obese - that really got us off on the wrong foot.

Get On Board
Meaning: Accept and participate with an idea or project.
Use in #sentence: I didn't like John's proposal for the new product line to begin with but when I heard his case for it I got on board and did my best to help.

Get Out Of Hand
Meaning: Become chaotic and uncontrollable.
Use in #sentence: It started with just a few crisps being flicked about but it soon got completely out of hand and turned into a full scale food fight.

Get Out Of The Wrong Side Of The Bed
Meaning: Be grumpy because you are having a bad day.
Use in #sentence: He shouted at me for nothing. Must have got out of the wrong side of the bed.

Get Over It
Meaning: Move beyond something that is bothering you.
Use in #sentence: Okay she left him, but that was two years ago. He needs to get over it and move on.

Get Your Head Around
Meaning: Understand something, especially something difficult to comprehend because it is complex or surprising.
Use in #sentence: Jill's mother had a baby girl after Jill had baby Jimmy, so Jimmy now has an auntie who is younger than him! That's weird. It took me a while to get my head around that.

Ginger Beer
Meaning: Cockney rhyming slang for queer.
Use in #sentence: Julian is ginger - and I don't mean that he's got red hair.

Give Him An Inch And HeLl Take A Mile
Meaning: allow someone a small concession and they will take advantage and try to take more.
Use in #sentence: Give Janice and inch and shell take a mile. We said she could stay in the spare room for a couple of nights but she's been here a month already.

Give The Benefit Of The Doubt
Meaning: Decide to believe a statement which isn't proven.
Use in #sentence: He says he used to run the 100 yards in 10 seconds.


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