Start with the basics.According to an article in Family Education, Read folk tales, Play games.


Our Worksheets takes a creative approach to teaching math to kids in Kindergarten. Colorful and interactive activities will encourage kids to learn essential math concepts in a fun way.Worksheet offers following features: 1) Write Numbers:Learn to write and count numbers at same time. 2) Learn Counting: Fun activities filled with lot of worksheet, helps in teaching counting and writing numbers.

Fun Work Sheets1

1) Coloring Book: Full of coloring worksheet with beautiful pictures and easy to fill images. 2) Tracing Practice: Worksheet for toddlers, it helps to give a perfect start to writing skills. 3) Dot Matching: Worksheet for toddler to join dots to make a perfect and beautiful images.


The HeGo dev chose to venture in the space of education purely with the intent to provide world class education to the youth to mold them to become “Leaders of Tomorrow”.


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