Apps For Kids

Below are few Android kids apps developed by us. All below apps are free to use and are safe for kids. You can click on below icons which will redirect you to Google Play Store for download.

Learn English from ABC to word reading.

Its a light mobile app book for Kindergarten. Learn ABC in a simple way. Contains cute and clear pictures, made easy and fun way to learn English letters. Contain quiz, puzzle, various activities and worksheet.

Kids Skill Builder

An android app for kids to develop spatial awareness. It has different brain games helps Kids to Understand and test their Skills. Train your brain with these cool exercises for kids.

Kids Matching Game

Wonderful app for kids. Helps kids to match numbers, patterns, shapes, and objects. Classic matching worksheets on the different topics. Exercise kids thinking skills to find the matching pair for each object. Helps foster good study habits and improved reading comprehension in toddlers and kids!

Spelling Practice for kids

Spelling Practice for kids with images and pronunciation.Spelling Practice is a multi level spelling game designed to help spelling enthusiasts improve not only their spelling skills but also vocabulary and pronunciation.

Kids Label Diagram/Objects

Students understands concept by identifying parts of a diagram or things. Diagrams support visual learners by showing how something works. It is an effective form of self assessment, enabling, students to check their own understanding.

Kids learn Math with True and False

Kids learning app for mathematics basic operations. Helps kids to quickly add, subtract, multiply, divide and find the greater number. This app helps children to quickly identifies and remember the solutions. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Lesser and greater and Learn Analog clock.

Fill the blanks learn grammar

Fill in the blanks teaches English grammar in a very effective way. It Improve ones reading skills along with the grammar and spelling. Course is categorized in simple way and allows to progress in a smooth pattern.

Kids Mental Math.

Mental Math for Kids is an app for all age school kids to train the mental math of addition subtraction Multiplication and Division along with time reading. Two player option, helps you to play quiz with friend and compare your skills.

Word search for kids - clasical game

It is a word puzzle game which will encourage you to play and learn at the same time. Its easy to play. It will definitely help you to learn words and will train your brain. Game is divided in multiple categories, which builds vocabulary of kids.

Spell bee for kids

This is an educational game for learning to write, read and improve spelling. The game is designed for the whole family. Help kids to learn, spell and recognize words. This game help improve vocabulary skills. Pleasant and clear voice kept for kids. Can choose between different levels of difficulty according to the age of the child or adult.


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